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Founded in 2003 at Taizhou, Jiangsu, as a Sino-French joint venture, RICA OPTICS (its former was Seven Star Inc. previously located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang) is specialized in manufacturing high quality, fashionable and functional accessories for optical industry, with an extensive range of products from eyeglass cords chains; eyeglass cleaning products like microfiber cloth and spray cleaners; and also optical package products such as hard case, pouch, zipper case as well as displays for shops, suitcase for sales people etc.

Eyewear Accessories

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    An extensive collection of eyeglass retainers of Beads, chains, laces with different models, styles, materials and colors to match any look and any spectacles, whether they are spectacles, sunglasses or readers. Thanks to the lobster claw fasteners on the ends, the eyeglass chains easily turn into necklaces or lovely bracelets and can now also be used as accessory for face masks: elegantly and conveniently lowering them and keeping them always at hand is now a must and chains offer the option of doing so in grand style!
    Find out all about RICA’s retainer collections in “Eyeglass Retainer” Section.
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    A wide selection of soft and hard cases in various sizes and shapes, from fashionable to functional style to store and protect your eyeglass. Some models are also ideal to contain other personal items such as mobiles, cosmetics.
    Besides the case for single eyeglass use, RICA also provides counter table display boxes and frame bar for optical shops to efficiently present their eyewear collection in a visible and straightforward way; as well as the travel suitcase for salesman carried along to visit customer and showcase the eyeglass collections.
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    The eyeglass cleaning cloth is made of extremely high-quality, soft, microfiber material, absorbs and removes dust, oil, smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. Leaves no scratches, streaks, marks, or lint. The microfiber cloths can be customized with the various printing techniques, from the standard one with 1 and 2 colors to digital printing with several colors to reproduce images, photographs and graphics. Everyone can choose the design to their liking.
    Also the best companion to microfiber cloth is the cleaning liquid with spray system, to spray wet the lens and then remove the oil, finger prints more easily with the cleaning cloth.
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    RICA provides other useful and practical solutions to meet the professional and functional needs of optical practices and people who wear eyeglasses, ranging from optical gloves for the staff to carry along the eyeglass, price tags for the products, and shopping bags given to end customers after their purchases, to sun visor clips as gifts to customers and many more optical accessories…

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